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Here We Are Again...Is Jim Harbaugh The Only Way Forward For The Bears?

I am legitimately stunned that the Bears season has opened as such an unmitigated disaster. Even if you weren't drinking the Kool-Aid before the season like I was, nobody would've predicted that the fan base would be ready to show Eberflus and Poles the door three weeks into the 2023 season. I don't hate Eberflus the way Nagy bothered me and I like Poles when he gets in front of the media, but the results speak for themselves. The culture appears to be pathetic and toxic. The team is worse on both sides of the ball despite having better talent on paper. There isn't one single move Poles has made that you can point to that has been successful with maybe the exception of DJ Moore, but that trade will look awful if Bryce Young or CJ Stroud turn into genuine franchise QBs. 

So if Poles missed on the coach and every move the last two off-seasons then do you really trust him with a once in a century type of opportunity staring them in the face?

New Bears President, Kevin Warren, didn't hire these guys. He has at least some sort of relationship with Harbaugh from his time with the BigTen. Maybe the McCaskeys or the Ryans will give Harbaugh the bag and the roster control he wanted all along. I think it would be very hard to turn down an opportunity to coach the Bears with cap space, zero expectations, Caleb Williams, and another top pick in the draft. 

Right now I can't see any other way forward. It's an obvious name. It's a guy who will establish a culture. A guy who has had success literally everywhere he has coached from San Diego to Stanford to San Francisco to Michigan. I will be rooting for Michigan to win the National Championship this year so Harbaugh will have completed his mission in Ann Arbor. Otherwise it feels like we are going to be trapped in this cycle of suck. Nothing has worked. Go all in on a proven commodity with a real QB.