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American Golfer Paula Creamer Understands How Sports Should Work - Wants Ties Banned From The Solheim Cup And Ryder Cup

Finally, this is the correct opinion. In fact it's the only opinion one should have. Tying in the Solheim Cup, Presidents Cup or Ryder Cup is ridiculous because it means the previous winner stays the winner. Fuck that. Sports shouldn't end in tie when it comes to lifting a trophy. It's impossible. Play a sudden death like she says, it's the only way to determine a winner. Hell we're talking about different teams for every event listed here. Not like the same 12 people are on the team every single year. 

This of course stems from last week's Solheim Cup: 

I know ties rarely happen in these events, but in reality they should never happen. There has to be a winner. Not retaining the Cup because of what happened two years prior. Imagine how awesome it'd be to see a best of 5 singles overtime match on 3 holes or something like that? If we can watch penalty kicks determine who wins the World Cup or Champions League, surely we can come up with something for golf. Not like we're asking for a chip off here, we're asking for actual golf to be played to determine a winner. Should be a no-brainer. 

Think about it. It's not like the Chiefs automatically win this year's Super Bowl if they are in it and it's tied at regulation because they won a year ago. They play overtime. The way sports are supposed to be. I just don't understand how we haven't changed this yet. Ban ties.