The New $3.7 Billion Fontainebleau In Las Vegas Equipped With A LIV Nightclub And 36 Restaurants Took 16 Years To Build And Looks BONKERS

Bloomberg. Getty Images.

I'm scouring the internet for topics this morning and I just saw that one of the crazier projects in real estate is almost done. I've been hearing about the Fontainebleau in Vegas for what seems like 2 decades and after 23 years in the making Vegas residents dream may be coming true.

36 new restaurants, 7 swimming pools, 67 stories and 3,644 rooms is truly just ludicrous. I asked our resident Fontainebleau Miami frequenter Bald Paul for a comment in the office today and he said "Looks sick, can't wait to text Dave Grutman for a table at LIV." Perfect timing for the Super Bowl in Vegas this year which will be absolutely bananas. If we don't have Barstool Radio presented by Komodo, Papi Steak, and Groot Hospitality at the new Fontainebleau all week then what are we doing! 

In today's day and age of social media, you've gotta be prepared for the TikTokkers and "influencers" to vigorously call your lobby asking to speak to a manager about a free stay. These guys get it and are already prepared for the storm:

Game respect game. I always wondered how long you could live at one of these crazy resorts without leaving if you really tried. I think the answer is infinitely? I saw a video about how Nick Turani and ANUS have a new bit of sending random employees to random cities to do shit because all you have to do is ask Caitlyn Walker to book you a flight and you're good. Why don't we send Klemmer to Fontainebleau and tell him now youse can't leave? Electric factory of content there. Or send Nate and Smitty to play poker again and give us another classic:


The possibilities are endless! Congrats Fontainebleau and Dave Grutman.