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Prime Does It Again: More People Watched Colorado-Oregon Than Notre Dame-Ohio State

Ohio State-Notre Dame may end up being the game of the year in college football when all is said and done. It was a game with College Football Playoff implications played between two of the sport's five biggest brands in one of the most notable stadiums in the country. In primetime. On network TV.

And more people still watched Colorado.

Whatever you think of Coach Prime and what will ultimately come of the Buffaloes this season and beyond, you have to respect the attention his program has demanded from the jump. He took over what was possibly the least relevant program in the Power Five and immediately turned it into one that is at the top of the ratings chart every week over games like Ohio State-Notre Dame. I don't think most people appreciate how insane that is.

Even now with a loss and as huge underdogs again, I can't imagine there's a game on the schedule this week that will draw more viewers than Colorado returning to Boulder to take on USC. And if the Buffs somehow find a way to get off the mat and take down Caleb Williams and Lincoln Riley, strap in for the rest of the season.

You may not like it, but CU isn't going anywhere anytime soon.