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VIDEO: What The Hell Makes A Grizzly Bear Run For Its Life?!

This video needs the much-needed context of just how goddamn fast bears are. Why would that bear be hoofing it out that fast?

A Grizzly can hit speeds of up to 35 mph, faster than most horses.

As you can also tell, Grizzly bears are the apex predator in North America. So that goes to show how mean a mother bison can be. It was like that bear was hightailing it 30 mph+ out of there with a giant bison on its heels. It's not even like a Grizzly bear can't take a Bison; it's just that mother Bison will fight way damn harder than other bison. Especially a full-grown mother, Bison. Check this grizzly vs. bison video. 


I mean that must of been a mean ass bison to make that Bear runaway that fast.