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This Fan Trying To Fight Everyone In Miami Is The Only Bronco With Heart, Should Be On Sean Payton's Staff Immediately

You see a drunk asshole threatening to fuck up Dolphins fans, I see someone who is fed up with cheering for a dogshit team. I don't blame her for taking matters into her own hands. I'd do the same if I had to watch Sean Payton, Russell Wilson and the defense give up 70 points. There's nothing to be excited about as a Broncos fan. You have a coach who everyone hates, a QB that is easy to made fun of, no exciting young players and no winning. They are just .. there. They don't even wear their good jerseys any more. Bring these back. 

Jamie Squire. Getty Images.

But if we're being honest, the real star of the clip above isn't the Broncos fan. It's not her legs somehow keeping her up while wobbling around. It's not the guy holding her back. It's my man working concessions in the neon shirt just mocking her from afar. Mimicking her moves, laughing to himself. That guy deserves more love than anyone else here. 

I still don't know how you get to this point. I'm not talking the drunk point, that's easy to do in Miami and when you're giving up a historic game. But trying to fight all these Dolphins fans? You gotta know it ain't gonna end well for you. You can't even talk shit when you're giving up 70 points. You just gotta get shit faced and wander around wondering why you became a Broncos fan. Where did it all go wrong? Did you give up 70 points for that one Tim Tebow throw in the playoffs? 

Either way, fucking hilarious watching the guy in the background here. Need him to pop up in fight videos more often. 

PS: What the hell is Doogs doing filming this video? What should the fight should have been.