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The Sooner Everybody Just Accepts That The Eagles Are Going To Tush Push Teams To Death, The Better

Are we really about to do this all year long? Because I don't know if I can handle the discourse for that long. Every single week the Eagles are going to find themselves in short yardage situations. Every single time, they are going to line up for the Tush Push. They're going to get the 1st down or touchdown every time because they simply have too much meat for other teams to handle. And every single time there are going to be hoards and hoards and imbeciles on social media crying into their keyboards about how the tush push is a "cheat play" and should be banned. 

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Again, I just don't know if I can take that for an entire season. We're not even in October yet. You'd think at some point the rest of America would just get over it. You'd think at some point the rest of America would understand that it's not a cheat play, the Eagles are just so much better at it than anybody else. 

We got a perfect example of that last night. The Bucs were finally able to score a touchdown in the 4th quarter, but it took them a little while to get into the end zone. They ran 3 different plays from the 1-yard line. Baker threw an incomplete pass to Mike Evans, Rachaad White was stopped short on a run, and then they finally completed a pass to Mike Evans on 3rd & goal from the 1-yard line. But they could have gotten into the end zone a lot sooner than that if they could execute the Tush Push. If it's such a "cheat code" play then everybody should be able to run it, right? 


It's not a cheat play. It's just that the Eagles are significantly better at it than anybody else. How are they so dominant at it? Well for starters, they have a quarterback who can squat 600lbs. You've got future Hall of Famers in Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson orchestrating the offensive line to perfection. And then it's starting to look like Landon Dickerson might just be the x-factor for the whole thing. 

Turns out that Landon Dickerson is the cheat code. If other teams around the league want to be able to use the Tush Push, they just need to kidnap Landon Dickerson. But until that happens, you can't ban a play just because one team is really good at it and other teams suck. 

Want to know the cheat code to stopping the Tush Push? Just get better. Get stronger. I'm pretty certain that football is still played 11v11. It's not like the Eagles have an extra guy out there or anything. They are just bigger, faster, stronger than any other group of men they go up against. And they want it more. Plain and simple. Maybe if a team had someone like Jalen Carter out there they'd be able to blow up the Tush Push, but the rest of the NFL is dumb as heck and let him fall into the Eagles' lap at the draft. 

We still have 14 more weeks of this. It would be best for everyone to just come to grips with reality here, accept the fact that the Eagles are going to Tush Push teams into oblivion, and move on with their lives. The only way to stop it at this point is if the Eagles get too bored and get a little too cute with a fake. Other than that, you're fucked. 

Go Birds.