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Zach Wilson Is Not 100% The Problem: Why The Jets Match Up Against the Chiefs Better Than The Patriots

It is easy to be a Monday Morning QB. That's when the emotional reaction to the loss allows one to criticize the starting QB to no end and be detrimental to the whole cause. It is hard to be the Tuesday morning QB and try to pick through the plays and look for anything worth salvaging. 

Let's be real. The Patriots had to win that game. If the Patriots lose that game, Belichick could be fired. Seriously, the Jets have a better record than the Patriots. That was the Patriots' first win. That was as good as the Patriots were going to look this season. Belichick is going to try his hardest to make Zach Wilson look as bad as he can. 

But guess what? Zach Wilson has shown improvement in each of the last games he played the Patriots. He didn't throw a pick; he made some great throws. ZACH WILSON HAD A BETTER GAME AGAINST THE PATRIOTS THAN JOSH ALLEN HAD AGAINST THE JETS. THAT IS FACTS. 

On a rainy day, the Patriots barely won because of special teams and a safety that took advantage of a Jets Oline with injuries. Though he was late on some reads, he dealt with a collapsing pocket. Check out this completion late in the game?

There were a good amount of drops as well on a rainy day. The thing is if we saw this Zach Wilson performance if he had completed this Hail Mary we would be evaluating the Jets future way differently. 

The thing is, the Jets arguably have a better chance against the Chiefs this weekend than they did against the Patriots. We got Travis Kelce with weak legs after taking Taylor Swift on a date, this is a trap game for the Chiefs as opposed to THE game for the Patriots. The Patriots are always going to play the Jets well because Belichick's job security counts on it. Once the Pats lose to the Jets, Bill's time there is up. 

The Jets beat the Bills, they can beat the Chiefs with a Zach Wilson, that made it through the Belichick gauntlet. 

Bill Belichick is responsible for 90% of all the Jet's QB turnover and movement in the league. You have idiots screaming for Year 4 Darnold back while realizing Belichick throws his best install that isn't on tape yet strictly for the Jets. The Patriots give the Jets their best these post-Brady years and have only beaten them by one score in the past 3 games. Darnold got 54 points hung on him in his last game against the Patriots in 2021. This team is better and can play the Chiefs better than most. Wilson might be here for his big breakout game against the Chiefs.