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Oregon Just Released Their 5 Minute Recap On Their Ass Kicking Of Colorado And The Buffs Were Talking CRAZY Before The Game

Oregon came with the CVS length receipts. All-time old takes exposed here with Colorado. I know this blog has spent weeks glazing the Buffs and Deion, but tough look here to try and defend after that ass whooping at the hands of Dan Lanning and Oregon. I love the THIS LEAGUE move by Oregon to keep this in the vault in case they wanted to use it, and boy did they. The full 5 minute cinematic recap is even worse:

What's that saying? The brightest stars burn out the fastest? Doesn't get much more humbling than a 5 minute recap of a complete and utter decimation of your football program. The good news is they've now got a chance to be 25 point underdogs at home at the expense of Caleb Williams and USC. No chance they don't get taken to the woodshed yet again. But I'll be there every step of the way because they're a numbies machine. It's only right.