Joe Namath Thinks Zach Wilson Is "Disgusting" At Quarterback

Joe Namath is the most iconic and important player in New York Jets history. Just like Tony Gwynn was with the Padres or Dirk Nowitzki with the Mavericks, Namath is the same thing to the Jets. It's never a great thing that a franchise around for several decades has one player they point to but that's what happens when you have limited success as a whole. Joe Namath is our legend. 

Our legend thinks that our current quarterback sucks. And he ain't wrong.

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I embrace people around the Jets voicing this opinion. It's the only way to save the season. We all need to shout from the mountaintops about how bad Zach Wilson is. The Jets need a replacement and as fast as possible. The Jets play the Chiefs next Sunday night (No one will be waiting all day for Sunday night for that game) and the Jets will lose 34-3. That will put the team at 1-3 and in a dire position. They will need wins immediately and relying on Zach Wilson in that spot is an impossible ask.

Figured we had to get that video out of the way but I actually think it is pretty valuable here. It shows Namath is not someone that has an axe to grind and hates more modern QB's. He's not shitting on Chad Pennington here at all. I loved Pennington but let's be real. After he hurt his wrist after the 2002 season, he wasn't the same. But at least he was competent. Even a drunk Namath isn't saying negative shit here.

Namath is sober now and him going off on Wilson is entirely fair. There were no positives with his performance on Sunday. None. People will try to sugarcoat it but even Tony Romo was showing numerous guys open on many drives during the telecast. Wilson was a deer in headlights holding the ball for far too long. 

I wrote a blog below how the Jets need to go get Kirk Cousins. No Jets fan wants to sit through a 13th year of missing the playoffs. We need the people with the biggest voices like Namath to be honest about the car wreck we are all witnessing. That's the only way change will happen. Enough is enough and I am glad it's Joe Namath leading the charge.