CAUGHT IN 4K: Mac Jones Punches Sauce Gardner in His Sack

Mac Jones should get on his hands and knees and thank God everyday that Zach Wilson is in the NFL. I've never seen a more overrated QB in my life. "Mac is a pro bowler" Get the fuck out of here. He made the pro bowl as a reserve. The pro bowl is so irrelevant that they made it a flag football game. Real Patriot fans know he's not the guy. How can you watch the greatest QB of all time and look at Mac Jones and say "he's our guy." He's a scumbum rat. This isn't the first time either. 

Remember in 2021 when he purposely twisted Brian Burns ankle after throwing an INT:

Or when he purposely kicked Jaquan Brisker in the dick while the Bears humiliated them?

This isn't new behavior, it's just who Mac Jones is, a weasel rat scumbum fuck. Patriot fans should pray he gets suspended for a week so their real QB, Bailey Zappe, can take over and try to save the sinking ship.