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Sting Of Karma: Philly Thief Steals Shop Vac Filled To The Brim With "Extra Spicy" European Hornets

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If you've been outside with any sort of food or drink in the last several weeks you'll know this to be true: It's officially Angry Bee SZN. Winter is approaching, food is about to become scarce & their life cycles are coming to a close. They're pissed and have nothing left to lose so they're going to swarm the apple cider donut in your hand like they're storming the beaches of Normandy. 

So imagine, in the height of Angry Bee SZN, having a vacuum full of Philly hornets unleashed in your car while driving down I-95. Something along those lines was likely the case for a thief who messed with the wrong truck late last week:

An open letter from Philadelphia Bee Co. owner, Don Shump: 

"To the poor soul who lifted the shop vac out of the back of my truck, I wanted to give you a heads up… The vacuum was there because it was filled with European hornet queens, the largest social stinging insects in the eastern United States. I performed the removal of their nest late yesterday afternoon. Those girls should be full of life and extra spicy. 

I anxiously await your unboxing video.


Via the Philly Voice:

Last Thursday night, a thief stole a vacuum from the back of a Ford pickup truck that belongs to Don Shump, owner of Philadelphia Bee Co. The 11-year-old business specializes in relocating honey bees from their nests and removing various species of wasps from properties where they're not wanted. The stolen vacuum contained hundreds of European hornets.

Behold the European Hornet which Shump speaks of, to which I say, "Nope, nope, nope, nope, hope."

As for the stings themselves, it's no Vespa Tropica but it still doesn't sound fun. 

So far there's been no buzz about the capture of the criminal, but the vibe from Shump seems to be that he knows they already got their punishment. He'll be able to get another shop vac while the other guy (or gal) will still bee recovering from a house-swarming party (ha ha). 

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