Travis Hunter Tells Deion Sanders He's Playing Against USC and He Won't Take No For an Answer

There's a reason why Travis wears a D on his jersey. Travis is a fucking dawg but we already knew that. Travis is arguably the best player in the country but I don't think he's worth 36 points. Colorado is a better story than they are a team. They have already exceeded expectations. Their win total was 3.5 games, and they're already 3-1. Whether Travis plays with a lacerated liver or not, Colorado is still going to get steam rolled by USC. The Buffs will be playing for a national championship in years to come, but right now in this very moment, they're just not ready. The hype was and still is real, we just have to have more realistic expectations for this team. They won 1 game in 2022! If they win 7-9 games this year that would be a massive success. But what the fuck do I know? If there's anyone who can make me shove my foot in my mouth it's Coach Prime.

It looks like Travis will in fact be taking no for an answer though.