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A New Selena Gomez ROCKET Photo Has Hit The Internet After She Appeared In Paris And We Need To Talk About It

It's almost the end of the month here at Barstool Sports which means blogger rankings and my clicks have been a little low recently. So it's time to go back into the well and stick to what I know best. And that's my claim as the #1 Selena Gomez beat reporter on this blog. Don't ask me the color of anything.

For every hate comment Selena Gomez gets like "Celtics Shaq, Wizards Jordan, etc" she just ages more and more like fine wine. She's World Cup Mbappe, 2018 LeBron, 2016 Curry, 2012 Messi, and then some. I thought this photo was damn near AI, but nope, just Selena in Paris for a PSG game. Why is she there? We'll never know, but she was sitting behind the legend Thierry Henry:

Oh and PSG won 4-0. Talk about motivation! Keep talking about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce while we've got real important news to report like Selena. That's just me painting the corner. Doesn't get much easier than that in the pageviews game. Enjoy and see you in the funny papers.