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Taylor Swift Shows Up to Chiefs Game to Cheer for Her New Man Travis Kelce


0:00 - Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are public

18:35 - Rico Bosco gives his thoughts on Taylor at the chiefs game

20:00 - Keegs vs KFC on Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce

37:11 - Gaz and Ben DiGiulio on Viceroy drama

51:00 - PFTs brother vs Dave

52:40 - Pizzafest recap

53:45 - Calls: Taylor Swift/milkshakes being all the boys

56:20 - Defending KFC vs Kelly

57:35 - Calls

1:18:30 - Surviving barstool has already begun

1:35:00 - Marty, Francis, Big Ev and Klemmer come on to prep their competition tomorrow

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