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Free Agent Bust J.C. Jackson Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest

 The former New England cornerback didn’t appear for a probation violation hearing in Attleboro District Court on Friday and now has a straight warrant out for his arrest, MassLive has learned.

Originally charged with criminal speeding in 2021, Jackson didn’t abide by the terms of his probation. He didn’t complete the “Brains At Risk” program he was ordered to take, nor did he pay a $300 fine. After failing to appear in court last week, the warrant was issued.

Not the first time he has lost track of something he should be on top of (IE a wide receiver in a football game, perhaps).

J.C. Jackson has been the Free Agent biggest bust in Chargers history and this just adds to the reasons why. If you have a mandatory court hearing that you need to attend so that you wont get arrested and be unable to play football, something you are being paid NINETY MILLION DOLLARS TO DO, then you go to that fucking hearing! Fucking IDIOT. 

Like I said, he has sucked every single second of his Chargers tenure since signing last year. He only played a handfull of games last year before going down for the year, and was horrible every snap he played. Every time an explosive play was given up, you could count on seeing him trotting behind a receiver that burned him, leisurely jogging into an already made tackle to pretend he did something. This year has been no different. He was a liability every snap, highlighted by his performance in Miami where he:

- Got burned MULTIPLE times by multiple receivers

- Tackled a receiver early on a hail mary as time expired with 4 other defenders  and 40 yards of grass behind him, leading to a Miami field goal

- Intercepted his first ball as a Charger and promptly ran it out to the four yard line, Chargers ended up having to punt and Jackson gave up 40 yard touchdown to Hill on the next Miami possession. 

He't gotta go. You can blame injuries and you can blame scheme but it doesn't matter. The fact is that he does not work on this team and hurts them every second he is on the field. It can't be much of a surprise that, when he was benched last game, the Chargers won their first game of the year. Eating dead cap fucking sucks but let us just be rid of this loser and let him slink back to New England and become an All-Pro again aka the Belichick special.