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Contrary To Reports Taylor Swift DID NOT Pay People To Leave A Restaurant Last Night, But Travis Kelce DID Rent Out A Restaurant For All Of The Chiefs Players And WAGS After Sunday's Game

Despite previous rumors from a random Tiktok that Taylor had paid for a whole restaurant of people to leave, so she and Travis could be alone, THIS is the truth. Travis rented out a spot for everyone to celebrate after the game, it was likely star studded and as they say above, "light hearted." 

I'll say it - cool move by Travis. Casual night with the team, basking in the glory of a win, private social setting without a lot of expectations or prying eyes. A fun end to the day, especially for someone like Taylor who ended up being the focal point of an entire Sunday Football game. Let's let off the gas a little bit with probably some beer, wings, buff chick dip and some chocolate chip cookies to was it all down. Miss Americana indeed.