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There Is No Way That Taylor Swift Hid In This Tiny Popcorn Machine To Leave The Suite At Last Night's Chief's Game

We know Taylor loves to hide in things. She hides in a rolling rack of cleaning supplies to get to the stage during her Eras Tour, and she's hidden in other various items to leave her apartment in the past. 

This WOULD be a move she would pull but lets think about the logistics - that "popcorn machine" is WAY too small. 

You think these two random ladies are the ones in charge of ESCORTING TAYLOR SWIFT? Unless I'm completely off base here, I would just think she would have her hired security moving a cart like this. There's too much margin for error. Those girls are tiny! It could tip over! Taylor could be HURT! Bad, bad planning all around if Taylor is inside this metal box. I just can't see a world where it's true.