Surviving Barstool | Ep. 1-6 Are Now Available On Demand | Ep. 7 Will Be Released on Monday (12/11) at 8PM ETWATCH HERE

I've Thought Of Nothing Besides "Surviving Barstool" Since It Was Announced Last Week


Shit, I did an entire blog talking about the dynamics of each player...



...and then Dave added me to the game.

For the last four days it has consumed my mind. Running numbers. Thinking strategy. Who can I work with? Who will be gunning for me? Can Tommy Smokes really win again? Who will Rico side with between Dave, Big Cat, and Kirk? Will anyone implode? How will Jeff D Lowe's haircut look? So many questions.

This tapes in 2 weeks and will air in December. Honest to goodness, I have no idea how it's going to work, the setup, the schedule, nothing. There's 14 of us and I think 4.5 days of filming, it's going to be absolute CHAOS. Things are going to move so fast and it's going to be cutthroat. Friendships will be broken, rivalries created, tempers lost, and somehow a winner will be crowned. As a fan I'm excited to watch it go down, and as a player I am over the moon. If it's anywhere close to how good I'm expecting, this could be the best reality show Barstool puts out yet. Can't wait.