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Hot Take: Ryan Day Didn’t Go Hard Enough At That Geriatric Fuck Lou Holtz


I don‘t care if your 6 years old or 86 years old. Don’t come for the bull if you don’t want the horns. Just give me the word Coach Day I’ll run up on this old motherfucker right now and turn his old decrepit body into dust, roll it up and smoke it like a victory cigar. If you have the wherewithal to go on national television and question the toughness/manhood of a football team then you better be prepared to face the consequences of that, when the team you were talking about (like a babbling clueless idiot of course) goes into your house and wins a physical, tough football game and holds your offense to 14 points. 

I love that Ryan Day kept receipts but I personally thought he should have went even harder. He should have challenged him to a fist fight. Maybe rough n rowdy perhaps. Settle this in the ring Lou if you got so much to say you pansy ass. If you think this team is so soft then why don‘t you fight one of us Lou Holtz you old, saggy pussy! Come get some you lisping fuck! If Ryan Day and Lou Holtz fought it would be an absolute bloodbath. Ryan Day kills Lou Holtz with his bare hands in a matter of seconds. I’d liquidate all my assets and bet it on Ryan Day by first round violent decapitation. Coach Day would knock Lou Holtz head off his shoulder and sleep like a baby after. That’s my head coach! I’d go to war for you Coach Day!

If I’m Lou Holtz I’m never stepping foot in the state of Ohio for the rest of his last 6-10 months of life if he knows what’s good for him. It’s on site Lou. Stay the fuck out of Ohio. Consider this a firm warning. 

P.S. - A lot of people saying dont go so hard on Lou, he’s so old he doesn’t even know what he’s doing! Well a lot of those same people out there have been chirping/ridiculing a certain president for being an old fuck and that doesn’t seem to be an issue. Just saying!