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The Hits Keep On Coming As The Bears Open As 3.5 Point Home Dogs To A Team That Just Gave Up 70 Points In A HISTORICALLY Bad Performance

Yesterday was a historic beatdown in Miami. Here are a few nuggets from the game via CBS Sports

- Fourth 70-plus-point game in NFL history (including postseason). The other three were the 1940 Bears (73 in the NFL championship game) the 1966 Washington team (72), and the 1950 Rams (70).
- Second-most yards in a game in NFL history (726) ... only the 1951 Rams (735) had more in the NFL record book.
- First team in NFL history with five passing TDs and five rushing TDs in a game.
- Second team in NFL history with multiple players with four TDs in a game (2004 Chiefs were the other).
- Second team since at least 1940 with 300-plus pass yards and 300-plus rush yards in a single game (the 2012 49ers also accomplished this).
- Ran 71 plays and averaged 10.2 yards per play -- the most yards per play by a team with 70-plus offensive plays ran since 1960- - - Second-largest win in franchise history (beat Patriots, 52-0 in 1972)
- First 50-point win in the NFL since 2014 (Rams beat Raiders, 52-0)
- The final score was one never before seen in the NFL.

BRUTAL!!! Thank god they're taking a lot of the heat off the Bears this week, at least on a national level. Obviously everyone wants to burn down Hallas Hall in Chicago today, but at least that's on a micro level. 

At least that was until today when the Bears opened as -3.5 point favorites to Denver AT HOME next week: 

The embarrassment continues. George McCaskey needs to have his nose rubbed in this mess like a puppy who took a shit on the living room carpet. Round and fucking round we go. 

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Oh and to add fuel to the fire, there's a large portion of the fanbase that thinks if the Bears do draft Caleb Williams in April, that he should pull an Eli Manning and refuse to play for them. That's how bad it's gotten


Now I'm of the opinion that it's beyond lunacy for someone to refuse to play for a team that took them #1 overall, but the fact that people are even suggesting it is just more proof of how bad it is in Chicago right now. It's just so goddamn embarrassing