Elite Athleticism: Montenegro Is Hosting The Festival Of Laziness, With People Laying In Bed For Over A Month Straight To Win A $1,000 Prize

[Source] - The annual "Festival of Laziness" in Montenegro has one very specific goal - whoever can lie down for the longest period of time wins £900.

Participants lie on mattresses and do next to nothing in order to take home the cash prize and claim the title of Montenegro's most inactive countryman.

Out of the 21 contestants who entered, four determined bed-lovers still remain - putting their obligations to family, work and education on hold for the time being.

Standing or sitting results in immediate disqualification, but competitors are allowed to use mobile phones, read books, and even receive visitors.

This year's competition has seen a slight change in the rules, allowing participants to take a 15-minute break every eight hours.

The previous record of five days has been shattered - thanks in part to the new rules.

Alright, I'm going to ask what everyone else has to be thinking. Where and when do they go to the bathroom? I know they get a 15 minute break every eight hours, but you can't hold stuff in for that long. Are they peeing in bottles? They have to be peeing in bottles. Huge advantage for any men left here. And pooping? You're not doing a clean 15 minute shit although it might lose some of its luster since you can have your phone in bed with you. 

That said, I LOVE this competition. They are embracing their stereotype that Montenegro is lazy, so throw out a 12-year competition. We need to do this in America more than eating contests. I enjoy a good eating contest and Joey Chestnut became a hero over it, but we need to get more creative. There's gotta be something we can add to make all of us athletes like this heroes battling it out in Europe. I also think I'd like to enter Feits in this. He'd be a solid pick to win this, especially since we know about his bed eating habits. 

I'm not lying though when I say this is some sort of athleticism. It's mental toughness just laying around in a bed all day for a month straight. Sure, there's that break, but we're talking every 8 hours. How long can one sleep anyways? Other than that you're just reading and looking at your phone. Okay, maybe it's not too much of a difference to our every day lives just laying down instead of sitting in an office, but it's still mental toughness. I don't understand how they say they are putting work to the side. You can 100% work while laying down in bed. 

I'm just wondering if somehow TJ Lavin can work this into The Challenge, especially during a Final. We see them stand on logs overnight and stuff. Make them lay down without moving after eating some gross shit. That'll get TJ chuckling. Gotta say doing this for $1,000 is hilarious. That's nice money, don't get me wrong. But I'm not committing to something for over a month just for a grand.