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Does This Look Like The Face of a Woman Who Pissed Herself On A Park Bench And Spent 12 Days In Jail After Pantsing Her Husband In The Town Square?

Kerry Ann Graber, 53, of Belleview, was arrested on Feb. 23 arrest on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest at Spanish Springs Town Square.

She was found passed out at about 11 p.m. that night on the sidewalk at the square, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department. When officers arrived on the scene, Graber had pulled herself up onto a bench. A puddle was running from the bench onto the sidewalk and Graber’s jeans were “saturated.” She said she urinated on herself. The native New Yorker became belligerent and began using foul language toward police. She was also pointing her finger at them. She staggered and struggled to walk. Graber’s husband arrived on the scene and attempted to take her home. However, she screamed obscenities and jumped in and out of the vehicle. When officers attempted to take her into custody, she struggled with them and then reached over and pulled down her husband’s shorts.

She ended up serving 12 days in jail before her husband bailed her out.

I'm not here to piss shame. Make no mistake about that. I am very against piss shaming but apparently, the Villages' news publication is very into piss shaming. We've all tied one on too much and ended up sleeping outside. Well, I mean, if you've lived at all you have. We wake up in a little bit of a stupor, check to see if we have our wallet, phone, and keys, and then begin to clear the fog from our brains. 

What's that feeling? Yeah. That's fucking piss. I know it. You know it. We all know it. It's fuckin piss. 

Because we all know it, there was no reason to put the extra descriptive piss update in their article. You don't just pee a little while drunk on a park bench. You pee a lot. Full stream. Big thick stream of piss. We all know our clothes and the bench and the ground are coated in piss to a level that's never been seen. Who cares! It's your piss and it's wet. Wet things saturate other things. That's the nature of wetness- it spreads. 

I also don't think she was doing anything nefarious with the pantsing situation. Tempers were high and again, she was covered in piss so wasn't thinking clearly. So what does our damsel do? She does what every person with any type of humor does. She pantses her husband because she's seen his junk before. No harm no foul, right? Nope. 

She ends up in the ole slammer for 12 days. 12 days for a pantsing. 

Back in my middle school days, if pantsing someone got you 12 days in the clink, I would have gotten life without the possibility of parole.