Dak Prescott Blames The Media For Hyping The Cowboys Up, Claims They Enjoyed The Loss ... Must Have Forgot The Cardinals Called Him A Bum

This is hilarious from Dak Prescott. Claiming the media hyped up the Cowboys. Weird, I don't know any media members who said this: 

You also had this mid-game from Kyzier White. Read those lips, pretty clear he calls Dak a bum and ass: 

Just hilarious all the way around. Imagine losing to the Cardinals and Josh Dobbs? I can't. I saw my team beat them, it happened. But the Cowboys? This is just who they are. A little earlier than I expected to see, but this is the Cowboys every single year since the early-mid 1990s. They look like an elite team and then suffer some bad loss and start spiraling a bit. Then the playoffs come around and they do something so stupid the Internet comes together to laugh at them. Case in point: 

Going right to the media when you threw a backbreaking interception, your defense looked like shit and you lost to the Cardinals is hilarious though. Of course we like when you lose. You're the Cowboys. You run your mouths, your fanbase is unbearable and you have Jerry Jones signing babies in the crowd. 


Credit to Dak though. He said the Cowboys knew who they were. Must be a team that's not winning jack shit again.