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SHIRTLESS GOLF CART POLICE CHASE! History Was Made In The Police Chase Game Last Night

You guys have obviously heard of the Sunday Scaries, right? Right? Well I had them last night and shockingly didn't even drink at all yesterday yet I couldn't be more thankful for this case of the scaries due to the fact that I was up until the wee hours of the morning. As I laid in bed on my 5th episode of Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives watching guy enjoy some off-the-chain chicken in New Hampshire I happened to see about a tweet about a golf cart. I thought to myself what could this be? A golf cart ad? A viral drunken clip from a course over the weekend? 

NOPE! It was a fucking LIVE golf cart police chase happening in North Hollywood. Let me say that again- a LIVE GOLF CART POLICE CHASE HAPPENING IN NORTH HOLLYWOOD!!!

I've been a fan of police chases for years now and while we normally get convertibles, Ford Broncos, the occasional van, the occasional big truck, I've NEVER seen a golf cart chase due to the fact that it's probably a fucking golf cart. To make matters even worse the dude piloting said golf cart was shirtless and had a dog with him! Thankfully the whole time the play-by-play announcers were focused on the dog as any good human would be as the dude was seemingly using it as safety collateral. Luckily once this renegade surrendered the pup was safe and roaming around. 

What a goddamn adrenaline rush for 1am on a Sunday night. Really something special. On another hand how do SO many of police chases out there happen in the greater Los Angeles area? I kid you not at least half of the police chases I catch on Twitter are happening over there. Is it something with the roads? Interesting stuff.