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Josh McDaniels Explaining His Decision To Kick A FG Down 8 Last Night Is One Of The Dumbest Things You'll Ever Hear And He Should Be Fired For It

This is one of those Monday's you should wake up and be happy your team doesn't have Josh McDaniels as a coach. This is even true for Broncos fans who lost by 142 points and have their coach fighting with the press and basically crying like a little bitch. This is true for the Cowboys who have Mike McCarthy, who is just bad. This is true for anyone and everyone, because you will not find a guy with bigger shit for brains than Josh McDaniels. 

Look at that explanation for kicking a field goal down 8 on 4th and short in the 4th quarter. You need two possessions anyways. Well, just a little quick math here, so feel free to double check me. You need a touchdown. You can't kick two field goals down 8 and win. You need that touchdown and if you already used more time off the clock you might as well go for it, right? Well, unless you're Josh McDaniels. 

It's why I used to always joke around (before I realized it's true) that football coaches will act like the toughest guys in the world until it's a 4th and short. Then they turn into the biggest pussy around. They run and hide. They have no idea how simple math works or common sense really. Basically they become softer than soccer players in that exact moment. This is one of those. Reminder, it was 4th and 4 from the EIGHT yard line. 

Would you rather focus on going 10 yards (eight for the score, 2 for the conversion) to force OT or still get a stop and win in regulation OR would you rather kick a FG, waste all the timeouts, get a stop and at best get the ball back at the 2 minute warning? Seems simple to me! Then again, I'm not this team: 

This is a franchise that has made two playoffs since 2002. They are a loser franchise that was once proud. Instead they kick field goals and lose. I personally hope they never fire Josh McDaniels. It's great to see him vs Brandon Staley or him vs Sean Payton in a division. Let's see how stupid we all can get.