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You Know Things Are Out Of Hand When Bill Belichick Is Even Commenting On Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce

Bill Belichick is an asshole or just doesn't say a word about anything to the media. It;s like pulling teeth when you ask him a question about anything football related, but when you ask about Taylor Swift he just starts opening up. I wouldn't be surprised if he started singing Blank Space after he answered this. I have always thought that Bill was really soft at home and that's why he is always up tight for football. He keeps everything hush hush in his personal life so I can see him being twinkle toes at home dancing to some Taylor Swift. 

I am finding all of this shit funny because it is nice to add a wrinkle to the football season with the biggest celebrity in the world right now. Yesterday was a simulation and when it involves the two biggest worlds colliding, it can't be scripted better. If Kelce does something wrong, her fans will lose it on him. And if he starts sucking on the Chiefs, Kansas City fans will be coming for Taylor Swift. I can see it now, Taylor breaks Travis' heart and she has a concert at Arrow Head and nobody shows up because she is the reason why the Chiefs lost the season. 

They are both in a position where if it goes well they will be a massive power couple and if they break up, two massive fanbases will try to tear each other down and I am here to see it. Apparently so is Bill Belichick, who I imagine wouldn't hate seeing the Chiefs crumble after a pop star breaks their Hall of Fame tight end's heart.