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Correct Opinion: Sean Payton Doesn't Get To Be A Whiny Little Bitch With Reporters After One Of The Most Historically Awful Coaching Performances Ever

Megan Briggs. Getty Images.

Sean Payton came into a tough spot. No doubt about it. The Broncos are what we in the biz refer to as "an absolute dog shit football team". They had 6 straight losing seasons before he took over in Denver, and the year before he got there was easily the most embarrassing. It's no easy task to come in and immediately turn an entire organization back towards greatness with just a flip of a switch. I don't think it would have been crazy for everyone to give Sean Payton a little grace period to establish a new culture in Denver that isn't so deeply rooted in being fucking terrible at football. 

All that goes out the window when he decided to rip the shit out of Nathaniel Hackett for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Under no circumstances can you go out of your way to publicly shred a guy for "one of the worst coaching jobs in the history of the NFL", and then go on to start your season 0-3. ESPECIALLY when that 3rd loss is objectively one of the worst losses in the history of the NFL. You gave up 70 points for the first time since 1966, and lost the game by 50. Pee frickin' yewwwwww. And on top of it all, you don't get to act like a total prick when you're asked about how historically shitty of a job you did out there in the post-game presser. 

There's a reason for an "unwritten code" in the coaching world to not blast another guy's performance. Because as the late great philosopher Ricky LaFleur once said, what comes around is all around. 

The moment you run your mouth like that, you know the football gods are about to punt you square in the cock. So you either A) need to have a dick made out of steel to be able to handle that sort of blow, or B) just don't run your mouth in the first place. Honestly option B seems like the easiest to me, but what would I know? Regardless, Sean Payton decided to go with neither. He ran his mouth, and is now being a pouty little prick to the media and can't even handle a few questions about how much worse of a job he's doing than Nathaniel Hackett. Probably the worst option he could have went with, to be perfectly honest. 

Sidenote: Absolutely hilarious the Dolphins drew the line at kicking that final field goal to not embarrass the Broncos after already hanging 70 on them. Might be even more devastating to be so awful that a team has to show mercy on you at the end. 


Hope Sean didn't bury his Fox hat too deep into his closet. He might need it soon.