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Chicago Is Home To Two Of The Biggest Dumpster Fires In All Of American Sports

Yesterday, the Bears got completely dismantled by the Chiefs as everyone saw. It was so embarrassing that fans erupted in a Bronx cheer at Cody's Public House yesterday. 

Well, it wasn't embarrassing for the fans. We're used to this. Most of us just laughed it up all afternoon yesterday while the Chiefs treated the Bears like they were Bishop Sycamore HS. I'd hope it was embarrassing for the players, coaching staff, front office and FUCKING McCaskey family though, and not just for the 1000-0 halftime score. For their entire last three weeks: 

- completely flat against the Packers
- lifeless against the Buccs
- Defensive coordinator is allegedly a wanted man by the FBI and is AWOL

BUT BUT BUT...Matt Eberflus is going to take a hard look at everything: 

I'm not some football savant, but I'm guessing this is a day late and a dollar short - the Bears are just bad and may very well be the worst team in football. Again. Even my negative ass didn't think they'd be THIS bad. But they are. 

Thank god the Panthers and Cardinals won yesterday. Let's get picks 1-2 baby!!! 

The worst part is is it's going to take years to fix and even a rabid fanbase like Bears Nation may just become an apathetic one until the McCaskey family no longer owns the team and the organization is in their new digs in Arlington Heights. I don't believe I'm crazy for this statement, but on that note, who's the biggest dumpster fire in Chicago right now?

Now I REFUSE to believe the Bears are THAT big of dumpster fires. I mean yeah, they're undoubtedly a pathetic franchise that consistently fucks everything up to no end, but the White Sox are BEYOND bad. Though it's an interesting thought exercise, I think voters are operating under a little too much recency bias when voting in this one.

I could write an entire thesis on why these two organizations are brutal though, and they're brutal for a lot of the same reasons: awful ownership, outdated stadiums, complete and total inability to hire a front office or coaching staff that will lay groundwork of organizational philosophies that will lend to sustained success, stubbornness and unwillingness to change from archaic operation practices, and on and on it goes. 

Funniest part of the poll was Bulls fans chiming in too: 

It's so so so so so bad. So bad. At least the Bears have what might be the first 2 picks in the draft in April. Can start the whole cycle over again with Caleb Williams next year, who's a sure fire hall of famer and savior of the Bears franchise. Oh wait! What's that? 

A QB that has tendencies to struggle when pressured? Maybe he's not the franchise savior after all…he'd get broken in HALF by this OL. 

At least there's Bedard. I guess Cubs fans have something to be excited about too. Good for you, you fuckfaces. We'll be breaking down our misery on today's Mid Show. Drops promptly at 2pm central

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