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I've Officially Found The Root Of My Travis Kelce Hatred

Young love. Adorable, isn't it? 

After a week and a half of people telling me to "watch the Kelce documentary, you'll LOVE Travis after that," I finally did it. I watched the documentary. I've learned two things:

1. I hate Travis because he won the Super Bowl over his brother

2. Everyone loves Travis because they associate him with his brother 

Let me elaborate! Don't bug the fuck out just yet!

First thing's first - this documentary is entirely about his brother, Jason Kelce, who plays for the Eagles (YES! I DO KNOW THIS!) His family, his career, how everyone loves him and he's a staple to the community as well as the team in Philadelphia. Travis pops in here and there to chit chat, hype up his brother, baseline stuff. He tells a story about how he was kind of a fuck up when it came to making sure he had his head in the game of football, and had a moment of vulnerability telling us about how his brother helped him get back on track. His goal is always to make his family proud, but especially his brother.

I think everyone wanted me to watch that documentary to see this exact thing. Travis being vulnerable. A big, macho football player talking about the adversity he overcame for himself, and with the help of his family. A beautiful message, a wonderful part of the documentary, absolutely no complaints here. Good guy. 

But.....then I started to remember why I didn't like him in the first place. I couldn't put my finger on it for a while. Apart from the fact that he's just NOT my type at all, why would I have any qualms? He's hot, he's successful, he's clearly turned his life around in a positive way, and as far as everyone on the internet says, he's not problematic at all. So what's my problem? 

He beat his brother in the Super Bowl. That's it. I guess I'm a football fan!!! SUE ME!!! The documentary went on to show all of the "Kelce" media coverage leading up to the big game, right down to people saying that Kylie Kelce was about to give birth in the stadium, and I forgot about ALL of that. I heard all about Jason's career, how he was thinking about it being his last year, making it all the way to the Super Bowl and then imagine you have to face - your cocky younger brother. If you win, its great for both of you. Big brother gets his last ring, little bro works hard and comes back next time, all is right. You lose, it's a totally different story. The jokes are different, the loss feels heavier, everything. That video of Donna Kelce hugging Jason broke my heart. I cried when I saw it again today! Seeing the heartbreak after working so hard towards something, and then seeing THIS?

I was sold a fairytale ending. I was manipulated by the media and got WAY too into this sibling rivalry. It was Jason's year!!!! And now he has to do ANOTHER year, because the loss will eat away at him. His joints hurt!!! He's not taking anti inflammatory meds anymore!! 

Now that I've gotten to the bottom of all this, I understand it a little more. I still think Travis is smug and corny but that bubbling cauldron of vitriol that spills out of my lips every time I have to talk about him online has been turned down to a simmer. He didn't win that game alone! And Jason didn't lose that game alone!

It's hard not to love Jason Kelce and his family and Travis is definitely a part of that. He had some "CHARMING" moments, and as long as he's not chopping it up with the boys in a braggy obnoxious way, fine. I see the appeal for those who are into it, and I see the fun in heading out to a football game on a Sunday. Just a fun day!

Moving forward, despite the allegiance of Mother's new plaything, I will officially be rooting for the Eagles this year. Jason deserves the win he should've gotten in February, and victory will be as sweet as ever. 

Wait a second….this is his 13th year? Taylor does it again. GO BIRDS!