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Taylor Swift Walks Out Of Arrowhead Stadium With Travis Kelce

We all knew this would happen, I'm not surprised. She's at the game in the same box as his mom, what, is he not gonna talk go her after? 

At least Travis scores a point with me here on his outfit. No, not because it's cool (it's hideous) but it does have flecks of blue paint. What does blue mean to the Swifties right now? 

1989 TAYLOR'S VERSION. I condone a man who supports a queen. He won a touchdown for her tonight, he's inadvertently promoting her next rerelease, and she got drunk at a football game. Alls well that ends well. (But I'm in a new hell)

1. You're welcome to the NFL for making you relevant today 

2. Congratulations Travis Kelce for proving that even when you are bone chillingly lame, you can still walk out of a locker room with the most famous woman in the world on your arm

3. No girl is immune to a "football bro" phase, not even Taylor Swift