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'I Set Them Up' - Nobody And We Mean Nobody Is More Excited To Have Taylor Swift Around Than Andy Reid

Look how excited Andy Reid is!. This dude is having a grand old time telling stories about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. You can't tell me you would rule out that he set them up. Maybe he's the biggest (literal) Swiftie around and reached out to her team. Maybe he saw sparks fly and knew Travis Kelce needed someone around him. All just being a good coach. 

This is smart from Mahomes and Reid though. You either go hardo football guy and refuse to talk about the biggest star in the world right now or you embrace it and crack jokes. Andy Reid knows to keep the locker room loose. I wouldn't be surprised if he's texting Travis Kelce daily to ask about Taylor Swift. He could have went 'next question' or 'yeah, I don't know who that is.' Instead there's a 100% chance we hear the Chiefs have a play call named Taylor Swift. 

Then there's the story from Mahomes - who is desperate to meet Taylor, duh. But really just keep his wife and shithead brother away from her. Can't have that on TikTok. Refuse to have that on social media. Kelce just casually dropping that she was coming to the game and no one really sure whether or not to believe him is perfect. You have fans freaking out all over the place: 

Here's what I do know. This is all smart from the Chiefs. You lost that first game to the Lions. Now you're starting to figure it all out and not have to throw to Kadarius Toney. Reid, Mahomes, Kelce, all just keeping the locker room light and having good time. You got Reid cracking jokes about setting up Kelce and Taylor Swift. You got Mahomes saying he wnats to meet her. Just like that the Chiefs are looking like a Super Bowl team again.