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Important Relationship Update: Gregg Berhalter Decided To Stop Acting Like A Loser And Finally Talked To Gio Reyna

Big weekend for relationships if you ask me. Everywhere we look there's a relationship going public and blossoming. This time though we're going to the soccer world. I apologize for there not being some ridiculously hot European woman in this blog, but this is about the red, white and blue baby. This is about one of our stars and our moron manager. 

They talked. 

That's a massive step because I assumed they'd just never say a word to each other and I'd have to complain that Gregg was somehow still in charge while the Reyna's acted like babies. 

We are in the middle of the most important era for the USMNT. We're hosting the 2026 World Cup, sure. We also have Copa America next year. We have this group that is finally talented, playing all across Europe with some expectations. It's something we really haven't seen before. I'm not saying they are World Cup favorites by any means, but getting out of group stage is no longer the expectation. You know who helps with that? Gio Reyna. He's good. There, I said it. He's really good at playing soccer. 

I still can't believe we went back with Gregg as the manager. It makes no sense. You had a chance to truly reverse everything and help this group grow. Nope. Let's go back with Gregg. He did what he was supposed to in terms of getting guys to play for us and out of group stage last World Cup. Thanks, see ya later. 

At least he finally learned to talk to Gio. Ridiculous this is even being talked about.