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Taylor Swift Goes Nuts As Travis Kelce Scores A Touchdown For Kansas City (I'm Pouting And Stomping My Feet)

She loves it! She loves being a WAG! Fine. 

I'm getting slaughtered online by the Travis Kelce fans (of which there seem to be many?) and to you I say - relax. Just because Taylor came to a game and is jumping up and down screaming as you score a touchdown doesn't mean this is gonna be forever. It's gonna go down in flames. I guarantee it. She meets EVERYBODYS MOM, she's a PERFORMER, and she knows when the cameras are on her. 

People are also confused about my intentions - I want Taylor to be happy! She's clearly happy having fun right now! But, we can't pretend this is any more than a guy trying to desperately impress a girl that is WAY, WAY out of his league. 

BREAKING NEWS, Jason Kelce AGREES WITH ME! I always knew I liked him best. Never said a bad word about him.