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#HealthyDebate: Is Taylor Swift Classless For Dropping An F Bomb On National TV After Travis Kelce Scored A Touchdown?

Just disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. First off, isn’t this technically their third “date” and he picked an activity where he is occupied for 3 hours and she’s 65 feet up high trapped in a box with his mom, and 29 other people she’s never met? Sounds like a real lasting relationship. 

Now onto Taylor. Cursing?!?! Screaming?!?! Real class. Have some decorum. There are kids watching and you are supposed to be a role model for females and singers and people everywhere and you’re out here acting like Snooki and Angelina about to get in a fist fight. 

Absolutely disgusting for the millions of people watching at home. 

Get it together Taylor. Is she drunk? Does she have an anger problem? We need answers folks!!?!! 

Healthy Debate … Is Taylor Swift a horrible influence on America? 

Also … show some respect to the Bears.