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Mike McDaniel Should Have Kicked The FG For The Scoring Record ... Strictly Because Sean Payton Said Tua Would Be Replaced By Teddy Bridgewater

I'm not one for 'class' or 'sportsmanship' mostly  because I think it's fake and forced. We're talking about sports here. The entire goal is to beat the everliving shit out of your opponent. I'm not talking about taking cheap shots. But worrying about their feelings or anything like that? Fuck outta here. You don't help an opponent up, let his teammates help him up. That's basically how I feel about the whole sportsmanship thing. 

That said, Mike McDaniel should have kicked the field goal at the end of regulation for the scoring record and 73 points strictly because of this a year ago: 

This wasn't a 'oh he's going to be injured or anything like that. This was strictly Sean Payton saying Teddy Bridgewater would be better than Tua. Whoops! 

Go for the record! It's pro sports. These guys are getting paid not to suck. Instead we're hearing stuff about the Broncos offense and how Russ might have to wear a wristband. I don't know. I'd switch up whatever, maybe practice some defense. Just some ideas for Sean Payton on how to fix the Broncos. Get better players would be a start too. That tends to help. Either way, 70 points in an NFL game is hilarious. 

I know there's karma. But there's gotta be karma for taking a knee. I don't know, just feel like there's something out there. Mike McDaniel, did you know he was a former Broncos ball boy? That's how you go set a record. Do it against your hometown team. Do it against a guy who said your starting quarterback would be benched. Prove a point.