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"It's Been In My Head For A Very Long Time." Aidan Hutchinson Had To Wait 3 Games To Bring Out His Stanky Leg Celebration

I love Aidan Hutchinson. Yes, I will acknowledge there is a tremendous personal bias. Hutch is my favorite Michigan football player of all time. His performance against Ohio State in 2021 was legendary. He is largely responsible for the Michigan football resurgence we’ve seen recently. I was so pumped when the Lions drafted them, but I was scared as hell. The Detroit Lions tend to ruin generational talents. So far, that is not the case with Hutchinson.

Sacks are, in large part, a reflection of opportunities. I watched the Lions' first three games, and I swear that Hutchinson has been in the backfield every other time the quarterback goes back to pass. He hadn't collected a sack until the fourth quarter today, which meant that he could finally bring out his stanky like celebration. My heart skipped a beat because, for half a second, I was worried he was actually injured. Please don't scare me like that. 

This would be the first of two sacks for Hutchinson. Even though he brought out the stanky leg celebration for the first one, the second one was one of the more impressive sacks you'll see. It was a sack, forced fumble, and a fumble recovery all in one, and it put the Lions victory on ice against the Falcons.

Hutchinson has been a monster, and I'm really glad that the Lions drafted him and didn't listen to the idiots who were concerned about the length of his arms. The dude has an insane motor, and I'm not surprised at all that it's translated to the NFL. He will be an All-Pro in this league soon, and we'll see that stanky leg celebration a lot.