Sauce Gardner Claims That Mac Jones Hit Him In The Balls After Mac Ran A QB Sneak

I think this would be a wild move but Mac definitely hasn't been known as the cleanest players of all time. I also don't see a lot happening in the private area but I could be wrong. We all remember when he went for the knees on this play. 

I actually didn't know he was looked at like this dirty because just a bunch of old plays are coming up about him. 

He just doesn't seem like he hears a lot of whistles but sometimes players get looked at as dirty players when they just aren't. I think some time will tell about Mac and I need to see how he could have hit Sauce in the Balls on a QB sneak. I was going into this blog defending Mac but you just type in dirty play Mac Jones a lot of people are talking about this. 

Holy shit this guy is an absolute menace to society! He is hurting people left and right and it all seems like he is just a sore loser. Every time he does something bad he just goes for the knees on the defense. I am completely on Sauce's side he probably tugged on his balls or something after this. I feel like Mac needs to be careful because he is going to get smoked out there if this keeps up.