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Chiefs-Bears Being A Blowout Is Even More Of A Reason Fox Should Have A Camera On Taylor Swift For The Entire Game

We've all seen the tweet at this point, we've seen the multiple cutaways, and we're going to get 6-7006978859 more throughout the game. Everyone has their take on the situation. 

Here's mine. This isn't the AFC Championship, this isn't a playoff game, this isn't even the Chiefs in a meaningful game. They are 12 point favorites to a team that's an absolute dumpster fire. The Bears have had more off field issues this week alone than they do wins this year. Absolute mess. It is a blowout. THE STORY WE CARE ABOUT IS IN THE SUITES NOT ON THE FIELD. 

If major moments in pop culture have taught us anything it's people CRAVE the big story. 24/7 Coverage, theories, ideas, rumors etc. Sports take a back seat to the real issues in the world. In 94 when the OJ Chase was going on, that took over the majority of the screen instead of the game. 

Fox is dropping the ball here not having a camera on Taylor Swift at all times. Why have secondary info when you can be the ones feeding the info to the people? Why give the Kelce's more views on their podcast when you can show it to the people first ? 

Think about it. People will be getting stories watered down or half ass. Fuck that. 

Show the cameras. Did she get the mom a drink when she got one for herself ? Does she laugh at every joke ? Did she clap at the wrong times? Does it look like she's happy? Did she check her phone and seem bored ? Who else talked to her in the suite ? What kind of candy did she eat ? WE NEED ANSWERS.

Absolute mess by Fox not to at least consider a split screen here. Give the people what they want … this could be a groundbreaking day. Taylor Swift may have actually found a lasting boyfriend.