Ravens Get Jobbed In Overtime Of A Game They Hardly Deserved To Win Anyway

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

I mean… where do I start with this one. One of the weirdest, wildest football games I can remember watching. Numerous swings in the 2nd half and overtime where it looked like the game belonged to either team. Each team had the ball in OT near midfield where a first down would effectively put them in field goal position and win the game. The Colts eventually broke through and got there. The Ravens didn't.

But it's hard to ignore the fact that the Ravens' last chance of doing so was totally taken away from them. Zay Flowers, right in the middle of the field at the first down sticks on 4th and 3, got his hip tugged and didn't get his opportunity for an explosive catch and run that would've put the game back on Justin Tucker's foot

It's really hard to fathom how you don't make that call. Like how does one watch that, regardless of what angle you're seeing it from, and get the impression that Zay Flowers would intentionally contort his body in a way that has the football zip right by him. With only one arm available to try to catch the football? It's just so blatantly the definition of PI (or defensive holding if he was coming out of his break).

Instead, the Colts get the ball at their 47 and pick up that key first down needed and Matt Gay bangs the winner from 53.

Just disgusting.

And that's also after Zay Flowers had been facemasked on a key 3rd down in regulation that went uncalled when the Ravens were trying to ice the game.

Again, disgusting where the end result very easily could have been different

With that said, I can't sit here and say the Ravens played even remotely a good football game today. They should have won anyway, but there are countless errors along the way where they're going to have to take a long hard look in the mirror and have their regrets. Examples:

- Kenyon Drake's fumble is so clearly the inflection point in the first 3 quarters of this game. Ravens cruised down the field for a touchdown on their first drive and were on the march yet again. As he was making his way down the field, it was hard not to think the Ravens were going to coast their way to an easy W today. But nope. Great punch out by Brents, but gotta anticipate that and protect the football in the wet weather.


- That kicked off a stretch of WOEFUL offensive football by the Ravens. That was the 1st of 4 fumbles on 8 offensive plays. Lamar recovered his own fumble, failed to recover one where he tried to pump fake and pull it down, and inexperienced center Sam Mustipher snapped it early on 3rd down to cause yet another, effectively forcing a punt.

- Kyle Hamilton played a FUCK of a football game, and the biggest play should've been the strip sack late in the 1st half. PQ tried to scoop and score, but failed and nobody in purple managed to fall on the football. At worst it should've been an additional 3 points right before half. Instead we got nothing. Proved to be pretty critical I'd say.

- Poor coaching and clock management gave the Colts a better shot down the stretch than they deserved. Harbaugh or ST Coordinator Chris Horton HAVE to instruct Zay Flowers not to fair catch the safety punt and get the clock to the 2 minute warning. That's typically a nuance that the Ravens are all over, and they failed on that one. The Colts were able to drive down the field so quickly to tie it that the 40 seconds probably weren't going to make a difference anyway, but man. What an error.

- The Ravens were on the doorstep at the end of regulation, but Lamar took an unforgivable sack with 18 seconds left to create a 2nd and 20 situation. Textbook situation where you just have to know a throwaway is fine and a sack is disastrous. He still made an unreal throw to Agholor to set up a prayer of a field goal attempt, but if he makes that same throw from 10 yards forward, the game is won.

- Incohesiveness on multiple occasions. Lamar had Zay on the first drive of OT for what would've been an easy first down on 3rd and 6 at the Colts 44, and missed it behind him. He was pressured and it just as easily could have been Zay that made the mistake, but point was that they weren't on the same page and missed a huge opportunity that could've won the game. They punted instead.

- The play before the blatant Zay Flowers PI, Lamar squeezed a ball through a window to Isaiah Likely that hit him square in the numbers that he dropped. We shoulda already had the first down.

Any number of these small things get executed by the Ravens and they win the football game anyway. Notice that I didn't include JT's missed 61-yarder. I could strangle Jay Feely for painting that attempt as a chip shot for the entire 5 minutes leading up to it. 61 in wet and windy weather is no picnic. Guy absolutely piped that kick and it didn't go. Hard to believe it's going for anyone if it isn't going for him. Tip of the cap to Matt Gay for balling the fuck out in his own right, but fuck Jay Feely every which way.

I'm so peeved. At so many things. Should've been a stress free Sunday and it was anything but. And it STILL should have ended with the Ravens being 3-0, but here we are. Jobbed.