The Only Team That Could Out-Charger The Chargers Was The Vikings

In case you had better things to do than watch the battle of two 0-2 loser franchises, this game went about exactly as we all expected. A totally drunk affair with ZERO defense played, about 20 injuries and a down to the finals de one’s battle between the rotting brains of Brandon Staley and Kirk Cousins. 

As much as I would love to regale you with the tale of Derwin James and Mike Williams getting hurt, the chargers defense giving up a million explosive plays and Keenan Allen having the game of his life, the play above is what is important. 4th and 1 on their own 24 with just under 2 on the clock. Normally, you don’t go for it. OBVIOUSLY. However, Staley realized that his inept defense would not be able to stop a high school offense from scoring. So the act of going for it makes sense, but why that play? The chargers had NOTHING going on the ground. Josh Kelly finished the day with that run and had a whopping TWELVE YARDS on eleven rushes. So why try to run it in that spot? Why not just use your 6’7, 240 QB reach out a single yard???? Insanity. And I put that on Kellen Moore as much as Staley. 

And after gifting that spot to the Vikings, they do what only the Vikings and Chargers can do and find a way to fuck it up. 

Just a battle of the losers. If you’re a Viking fan, don’t be mad. We’re both losers together.