"I Gotta Go Hit" - Joey Votto To The Reds Fans After A 40 Second Standing Ovation In What Could Be His Final Home Game As A Red

How can you not love Joey Votto man? He's the best. Nothing official has been announced but it's expected that he'll call it quits at the end of this season and rightfully so. Final guaranteed year of his contract for the 40-year-old who has battled injuries the last few years. 

So with what is likely his last home game kicking off it was only right the fans showered him with love. A very extended standing O. It wasn't a 2,131 standing O but it was long enough that Votto had to let the fans know that he was holding the game up and that he had to go hit. Him mouthing "I gotta go hit" and motioning to the box cracks me up. If this is the end for Votto I'll miss him. What a wildly entertaining player for his 17 year career which should end with him in Cooperstown. But he also was such a funny player to blog about. 


There are like 5 more blogs I could post to show how funny he is and how much baseball is gonna miss him when he retires but I'll share those another day. If this is it for Votto in Cincy, a nice ovation for him to go out on. 

And of course he singles in what could be last home at-bat and finishes it with a curtain call. What a legend.