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For The Second Week In A Row, Chris Olave Came Through With A Ridiculous One Handed Catch

Ohio State just knows how to turn out good receivers in the NFL. As someone who watched Chris Olave in college, I am completely unsurprised that he's turning into a rock solid NFL receiver. The New Orleans Saints are becoming more dangerous every week to me. I feel like they have some legitimate weapons. They aren't a Super Bowl contender, but they should be able to run away with that division. I'm not the biggest Derek Carr guy in the world, but he at least provides some stability for them, and they have a great defense. Right now, they're completely shutting down the Green Bay Packers. If they hold on, they'll go to 3-0 on the season. It's pretty impressive stuff, but not as impressive as a Olave's catch. 

As I said, this is the second week in a row that Olave has done this. He made a game-changing play on Monday night against the Panthers last week. 

It has to be a legitimate luxury knowing that you can hurt the ball down the sidelines and know that your receiver only needs to use one hand to grab it. Not only is a one-handed snag the highest form athleticism for a wide receiver, but it just looks cool. Olave just waltzed right out of bounds after making this play. He’s turning into a weapon for the Saints.