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This Ref Should Be Fired On The Spot For Ruling Amari Cooper Out Of Bounds When He Should Have Scored A Touchdown

NFL players all the time have to pay fines or when they fuck up we all get to tweet about them fucking up. This ref should be relegated to peewee football after calling this out of bounds. If I am a Browns fan I think the season is fucked and over after this. How does the ref miss this when you are legit right next to the play. Sometimes I get it the ref is running and has to make a call but he couldn't have been more in the perfect spot. 

We need to have refs ready to be subbed in during every single game so when a ref makes this bad of a call they can be fired. The NFL needs to make it really rash because one it would be funny or they should just be subbed out for the game. This is blatant and taking away 7 points from the Browns is like taking away 20 because they aren't going to score much. They should also be able to look at that and be like listen we really fucked up lets out 7 on the board for the Browns.