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Happy Victory Monday To All Of Week 3's Winners

Happy victory Monday to all of Week 3's winners!

The Indianapolis Colts (and refs) beat the Baltimore Ravens in overtime, 22-19 to get to 2-1.

The Cleveland Browns face fucked the Tennessee Titans 27-3. They're now 2-1.

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.
Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

The Detroit Lions won 20-6 over Atlanta, to move to 2-1.

The New Orleans Saints threw up all over themselves to blow a 17 point lead and lose to Green Bay, 18-17. The Packers are now 2-1.

Jonathan Daniel. Getty Images.

The Houston Texans shocked the Jaguars in Jacksonville 37-17. They're now 1-2.

The Dolphins skull fucked the Broncos 70-20 to stay perfect at 3-0.

The LA Chargers are 1-2 now after coming back to beat Minnesota 28-24.

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

The Patriots squeaked the ugliest game of the day out against the Jets. They're now 1-2.

The Buffalo Bills smoked Washington 37-3. They're now 2-1.

The Seattle Seahawks are 2-1 after defeating Carolina 37-27.

The Cardinals surprised Dallas beating them 28-16 and are now 1-2.

Art Foxall. Shutterstock Images.

The Chiefs humiliated the Bears 41-10 to get to 2-1.

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Las Vegas Raiders 

Tonight we've got another week of a double dose of Monday Night Football.

Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Bucaneers +5 (45) 7:15pm Eastern 


Los Angeles Rams at Cincinnatti Bengals -2 (43.5) 8:15pm Eastern