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Holy shit, what a football game. That very well may be the game of the year even when the season is over. Just incredible.

I think there's a real chance we just watched two College Football Playoff teams. Ohio State finally has a legitimate defense and even with the loss, Notre Dame was the better team on the field for most of the game. I know it came at home, but this is a loss that will look as good as any possibly could if the Fighting Irish finish 11-1 and are in the CFP conversation.

Gotta give credit to Kyle McCord for leading the Buckeyes down the field with just one timeout at the end of the game and finding a way to win — even though he threw what should have been a game-ending interception that was dropped. They don't ask how, they ask how many.

That was just an awesome game. Hate to see one of those teams have to lose. Mass tomorrow morning around the country is going to be rough.