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James Madison's Coach Was So Upset With The Refs For Missing A Call That He Whipped Out A Cell Phone To Prove They Were Wrong

This is an all-time power move. As the announcer said, showing a ref a cell phone isn't legal, but I'm almost certain this coach doesn't care. God, today in college football has seen some wacky shit. It will probably fall in line with the age that we live in, but I feel like coaches are going to start doing this more often. We've come a long way from Bill Cowher shoving a piece of paper down in referee's face following a missed call. 

As for the play in question, I've been trying to figure out exactly what happened but people are saying that JMU's coach was upset that the holder's knee was on the ground before he threw the ball on the touchdown.

Regardless of the call, the best part of the clip to me was the refs freaking out and ripping his phone away like he was a teenager who was spending too much time texting at the dinner table. I'm surprised the thing didn't get put in a Ziploc baggie and confiscate it. I don't know if this guy watches a lot of NBA, but this coach went full Patrick Beverley. I applaud anybody who goes for Patrick Beverley. 

I truly hope that this guy is a trendsetter. I want to see more of this. I just find it amusing. Remember back in the day when Jim Mora Jr was coaching the Falcons? He got in trouble for using his cell phone because he was trying to determine what impact a tie would have on their playoff chances. I feel like nowadays, you have someone on the sideline who calculates that shit. Either way, it's a very funny clip. It's the kind of stuff you could only see in college football.