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"You Better Get Me Right Now. This Is The Worst We Gonna Be." Is A Perfect Response By Deion Sanders After Blowout Loss

Oregon absolutely punked Colorado today, there's really nothing else to say on that subject.

The most "viral" moment too was also their head coach Dan Lanning (ironically) saying that Oregon fights for wins, not clicks. The implication that Deion Sanders & Colorado aren't fighting for wins is obviously an exaggeration and was clearly an effective way of firing up the Ducks today.

I've said it before, I didn't really buy the Deion hype coming into the season, and ate crow pretty fast after the TCU game. I think two things are very true: 1) Deion is clearly revolutionizing college football in a handful of ways off the field and 2) this squad is obviously supremely talented but, as a whole, is lacking compared to the game's elite programs... right now.

Have we overhyped the Colorado team? Yes and no. Some people have been realistic, while plenty of people have also crowned them far too early. While some people have been pretty neutral but impressed with Deion, others have obviously made way too big of a deal out of fairly normal things that he is doing as a head coach.

With all of that said, I fucking love this quote from Deion, and I think it is the only response you can really have after your team gets blown the fuck out. When you're carrying some hype and expectations, and lose to a better opponent, this is a perfect response to both accept defeat and keep the train rolling.

EXHIBIT A: my guy Danny Hurley after UConn basketball lost to Villanova a few years ago...

Deion essentially said the same exact thing. Granted, UConn did NOT have the hype that Colorado has, by any stretch of the imagination. But Hurley was a big hire for a basketball program with elite status, trying to reach the Blue Blood level. It didn't get off to a great start, but... remember what just happened six months ago?

Will Deion reach that level and win a title? Not sure. But he just turned a 1-win team that nobody gave a shit about into a national name with millions of eyeballs. In the world of the transfer portal and NIL deals, you cannot say, no matter who you are, that Deion won't be a consistent competitor for the best players in the nation going forward.

Oregon got Colorado today. I am sure USC will get them next week. But I am not sure that will be the case in a few years, or less.