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The Barstool Office Tries Shooting A Bow & Arrow

Where is Outdoors Sydnie Wells when you need her? Many Barstool employees didn't get sent off to a shitty summer camp, and it truly shows in this video. Granted, we are shooting a plastic $12 toy bow with suction cup arrows. Doubt this toy was calibrated and tested on the range for deadly accuracy. Maybe I should have upgraded to the more manageable crossbow , but it was $23 and we are on a tight budget. 

Also, no cool characters shoot a crossbow. Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones? Nope. The Bow & Arrow is the sexy choice. Some iconic characters have been deadly with a bow, these are the top 10 ... 

1. Legolas 

2. Katniss Everdeen 

3. Robin Hood 

4. Lil Sas

5. Rambo

6. Turok (great N64 video game) 

7. Thulus Doom from Conan The Barbarian (snake arrows are sick) 

8. The red head girl from the Pixar movie Tangled 

9. Cupid

10. Hawkeye

Correction: Darryl from The Walking Dead used a crossbow and he put the weapon on the map. Made a lot of people reconsider their weapon of choice in the zombie apocalypse.