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Oregon Ran An 18-Yard Fake Punt With A 300lb D-Lineman Down Colorado's Throat From Its Own 17

The absolute disrespect to run this play from deep in your own territory is almost as big as the size of the nuts you have to possess to call this play. Though, after Colorado did this in pregame...'s probably deserved!

The Ducks are having their way with Colorado right now, as they converted this fake punt into an eventual touchdown.

But let's give some more credit to the big boy Casey Rogers of Oregon. The big boy clocks in at 6'5" and 305 pounds, and was running like a fucking gazelle out there. He even tossed in a stiff arm to pick up a few extra yards, followed by a flawless first down celebration.

I won't bury Colorado yet, as we've seen what Deion's squad is capable of so far this season. But walking into Oregon and Autzen, which is rocking today, including the band playing the celebration music from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace...

…is no small task, especially without Travis Hunter.

And having your opponent's defensive lineman ripping off Barry Sanders-esque 20-yard runs certainly doesn't help.